Wednesday, January 15, 2014

30 minutes of Me

Sometimes all it takes is a 30 minute foot massage. My friend and I decided that once a month we will take 30 minutes out of one day and enjoy a soothing foot massage. Today was that day. So between our long hours at work and workout training sessions we met up on Fort Apache and Spring Mountain at a small massage parlor. $15 and 30 minutes later we felt refreshed ready to take on the world. So excited for the 15th of each month. My 30 minutes of relaxation. My 30 minutes of me time.  

Friday, January 3, 2014

Ohhh Skinny Fats

I work close to this place called Skinny Fats. Food is amazing here!! They also have fresh juices. Today I got the Liquid Defense. Carrots, orange, leomos, limes an apples. 32oz for $10.50. It's great!! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Every year we have new resolutions. I have decided that in 2014 I am going to have monthly resolutions. For the month of January (30 days) I plan on juicing. Today is the first day. Cheers!! Excited to blog about this journey and excited to challenge myself each month with differnt short term goals and or adventures. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Imposter for 31 Years

Everyone has a First and Last name besides McLovin of course. A last name is pasted down by your fathers side while your first name is constantly changing throughout the first 9 months of your life. My Mom and Dad had the challenge of naming two daughters instead of just one. At one point Shaila and Sharee might have been Layla and Mele. I am just thankful my name might have been Mele and not an Eric Clapton song...Layla...that would have been Shaila. A name can have a lot of meaning within a family.

My sister Corring and my Grandpa have been researching our genealogy. Genealogy is historical documentation about your family. Document and records created throughout the many years. My sister and Grandpa have been very successful with researching our family history which dates back to Hawaiian Royalty. I always new I was a princess. There research (I think) dates back to around 1882. That is very impressive and I am thankful that I have a sister who has a passion to learn about our heritage and keep our family unit close.

A persons name is one of the first documents made about a person so you understand the significant in a First, Middle and Last name. I had the privilege of receiving my middle name from my Grandma Lei's grandmother on her mothers side. I was unable to say or spell my middle name until second grade. I have always felt special caring a name from my Hawaiian side of the family.

My sister Corring texted me late Monday night while I was at study group to call her as soon as possible. I called her as soon as I received my text not knowing if it was going to be a serious conversation or if one of her kids were playing with their poo again and wanted to share this precious experience with me. She said "Sharee.... your middle name is spelled wrong".... followed by a tease of laughter. She was visiting our Grandfather and came across paper work with my great great grandmothers middle name. She thought isn't that spelled wrong.... or actually Sharee's name is spelled wrong.

We have to consider the source here.... My mom who has been depressed for 9 months about having not one but two (big) baby girls, my Grandma Lei who still calls me Emmalani, Corring, Shaila and then Sharee and my dad who gasped when they mentioned baby two was on her way. But between the three of them you would have thought an accurate spelling of my name would have been a priority. Although my middle name is only missing an O it means I have been an impostor for 31 years. This means middle name is 1:pronounced different 2:instead of 22 letters its 23 letters 3: IT IS DIFFERENT.

I have been practicing how to pronounce my name the past 24 hours and searching Google on how to change your name. It seems like a long process that costs money. At first I did freak out a little but it could have been worse... Corring could have told me one of her kids were playin with poop. Just saying.

Signed Pre March 23, 2010
Sharee Keahipelekapukamoha'lii

Signed Post March 23, 2010
Sharee Keahipelekapukamohoali'i

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 9 + a few Days LOL

OK, so I am a failure when it came to blogging 9 days in a row. But I actually stuck with my diet for the 9 days. Lost 4 pounds and an inch around my waist, hips, thighs, arms and lost 2 1/2 inches around my chest. Most girls would gasp...but if you saw my chest... then you would know I have a few inches to spare.

I really thought I was going to blog 9 days in a row about my diet. Well the reason that did not work is because it is boring! I hate being on a diet let alone talking about it all day long. I would rather write about foods I can't eat and at least fantasize about eating them. So no more blogging about the same subject. With that said I am still staying focused on my diet. Over all goal is 50 pounds before Jamaica. Until next blog...


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 3 and 4 Fat Smash

Day 3 and 4, yes that means I missed my blog entry yesterday. How do people do the 30 day blog challenges? Talk about commitment I have a hard enough time committing to my new "way of life". Although I missed my day 3 blog I continued to stay focused on diet and exercise program.

After a stressful day at work @408down and I headed to LVAC. We completed 45 minutes of cardio and an intense ab workout. This is my 2nd day at the gym this week and @408downs 3rd. Thank goodness we go together it adds that extra support that I need. Thank goodness for @408down!

I stayed under my 1200 calories for the day easily. My sister Shaila had an event at the Red Rock last night. We dressed as if we were B-Boys about to battle on the dance floor(I will add a picture once I load to computer). That part was easy. The hard part was staying there till 1:00AM on water. I can handle no alcohol but no REDBULL, you lost your mind! It took everything in me to stay and watch the B-Boy challenge and see super crew perform.

That leads to day 4. Day 4 started off waking up late and @408down having to wait an extra 5 minutes when picking me up. That is no good! Day 4 will be an evening at the gym and wrapping the day up with dinner and So You Think You Can Dance. Each day has been a challenge, but what is the point of life if you are not challenged.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 2 Fat Smash

Day one down and day two to talk about. My Tuesday schedule is crazy. Let me break it down for you before I talk about day two. I work like everyone else out there (well almost everyone economy sucks). I wake up around 5:45 AM which is very difficult for me. I arrive at work at 7:00Am and work till 4:00PM. I have school from 6:00Pm till 10:00PM. That gives me about 2 hours to choose to workout or prepare my snacks and diner.

When I woke up this morning I could barley move from the workout with @408down on Day 1 of Fat Smash. It feels good in a bad way though. When I left work I had only eaten a little of 400 calories for the day and stuck with the correct foods (fruits, veggies, oatmeal and water). I log all my food intake and exercise I did that day at This was recommended by @408down. In ways I wish she was an application I could download on my G1 Phone. If she was an application the name would be the little Asian application.

The two hours that I had available (hour for travel home and travel to school) I chose to prepare a small diner and snack for school. Eating to maintain my metabolism is my priority and I will use my Tuesday as my rest day. I needed it after yesterdays workout.

Day 2, I feel great though. I am on a schedule and trying to show consistency. That is the hardest thing about diets. Whelp day 2 is almost complete. Looking forward to @408down picking me up tomorrow for another great day at the gym.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 1 Fat Smash

Well our house has become a FAT SMASH house. The next nine days we are in our detox mode. We have done this before two years ago. I plan on blogging for the first 9 days to see if this helps me out. The Fat Smash diet was very successful last time we followed it. They key to weight loss is the obvious don't eat more than what your body works off. This diet assists us to a normal healthy way of life.

Today started off GREAT!! @408down picked me up for work because we started working out together at the gym. I packed my my lunches and morning snacks and afternoon snacks for the week. That was a whole lot of fruits and veggies. I followed my diet to a capitol "T" and it felt great. After work we went to LVAC and began our workout (Monday).

@408down and I started with stretching and a lite jog twice around the indoor gym. We then collected an exercise ball two sets of 10 pound weights and a step stool. We did three sets of a variety of leg workouts and incorporated the revolving step machine. Then we did resistant abs and finished of with 15 minute cardio. We incorporated cardio in our weight training. We I arrived home my sister Shaila followed in right after. She had been at the park playing basketball and tennis. FUN!!! Kimberli worked out as well.

We cleaned up and started making diner. As we all helped each other making diner we stopped and stared at each other. We all realized that we miss spending this family time together. This is the first day of our diet and it started off great. We even cleaned the house and finished the laundry. It goes to show that when you take care of yourself things get taken care of around you.

Excited to blog about the next 9 days. After 9 days will be phase II. Once I reach that potion I will explain phase I and phase II. Skinny Biatch out!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ruff around the SPANX

Chubby ladies have it ruff! I guess we choose to have it a little ruff by some of the decisions we make. For example we love to swing by Jack and the Box on the way home from a long night of dancing and eat what we call "double dinner".Every action has risks. The risk I am speaking of has been discussed on Oprah and can get a little expensive at times. The risk is the purchase of SPANX. You know a chubby girl has to try to control her muffin top when braking it down on the dance floor.For those who do not know what spanks are let me explain. The best way to describe spanks are control pantie hose for the whole body. The key word is control and whole body.

Chubby girls have it ruff, Spanx are no joke. The struggle of spanx begins at the time of purchase. Who wants to be seen purchasing spanx? That's like walking around the mall after purchasing something from Torrid or Lane Bryant saying... yeah I shopped at the fat girl store. I have shopped at Torrid once and even purchased something. When the sales department lady pulled out the bright pink bag that displayed TORRID I freaked out. I thought to myself how the hell am I suppose to get out of the mall while being displayed as a chubby girl. She handed me my bag I looked at my exit and bolted. Next thing you know I burned a few extra calories while breathing heavy in my Jeep. Like I said chubby girls have it ruff.

Now back to the struggles of wearing spanx. You have finally purchase your spanx after viewing the size chart (which is always an uplifting experience). When you first purchase your first spanx you try to hide it from the world. After a while you tend to forget that you are wearing them and become one, which is not always a good thing. Putting on spanx becomes a team effort at times. When you first look at the spanks you just purchased you think to yourself how am I suppose to get all of this in something like that.

The first task is to sit down. Then you step into your spanx and begin to fear the worse. You wiggle around and start to tuck and pull and wonder if the size is too small. The spanx have reached just below your muffin top now. This is where you take a little time out and breathe. Now you are standing up. The wiggle and jiggle gets a little more aggressive. Then the final phase to putting on spanx is I scream KIMBERLI COME HELP ME WITH MY SPANX! That's right time t0 enforce the team effort. I brace myself when she gets a hold of my spanks. She grabs the spanks from the back side. She pulls and tucks the spanks under my bra for that added support. Now I am armed and ready to put on the rest of my clothes.

Chubby girls have it ruff. You would think after experiencing something like putting on spanx the chubby girls would bi-pass the double dinners. But that is not the case. It is because of the spanks we continue to eat drink and be merry. We are just a little confined doing it now. How I love my spanx!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Valentines 2009

My stepfather (father) passed away April 27, 2007 and left behind my lovely mother Donna. Their wedding Anniversary is February 14 of every year. That’s right Valentines weekend. Before my father’s passing I rarely visited home. In my mind, I felt like it was ok. I talked to my mom and father at least every other day. When I did visit which was every other year he would lecture me about the importance of family and my mom. “You only have one” he would say.
When my parents met, I was in 5th grade. My mom had five kids and my father had four kids. That is right at one point there was nine kids in one household. My stepbrothers and sister were the same age as my brothers and sisters. We all went to the same grade school together. This made growing up in our household even more exciting. Imagine our hide in go seek games in our neighborhood.

When my mom and father started to hang out and date my mom said, “We are just friends”. Now with five kids you could imagine what it was like for my mom bringing home boyfriends. Let me tell you it just did not work. We did everything we could to get rid of every single one of her boyfriends. First of all my mom is hot and full of fun. I can remember one person in particular. He would come over and call us kids “critters”. My sister Corring did not like this guy at all. I remember her screaming at the top of her lungs “we are not bugs…you think we are bugs…MOM” Yeah that one ended real quick.

Then we meet Jonnie. He was persistent. However, remember my mom wanted to just be friends. I went to high school with is son Jeffery and we became friends. One day Jeffery asked me where I lived. I gave him very vague direction on where we lived. No bigger right. Wrong. Jonnie went up and down east and west looking for my mom’s green van. If you knew my father, he was going to find it. Did I mention he was persistent.
“Ahhhh quick kids pick everything up” as my mom ran around in her under clothes in disbelief on how he found her house. After their visit, my mom asked me if I told Jeffery where we lived. I was in shock because I barely knew how to give the directions. I gave him my bus route. My mom was not happy. Nevertheless, we were. We loved Jonnie the minute we meet him. He was special.

Mom is number one. You watch movies like the Notebook that has these great love stories with tears and laughter and difficulties but in the end, everything works out. My mom was my stepfather’s number one. Rules were mom, family, school, work then our own personal adventures. Whatever my mom wanted or needed he was there in support and love. He would have done anything and everything to keep her happy. What kind of man marries a woman with five kids? Well if you have not met my mom then you would have thought a crazy one.

When my father passed, they were together for I think eighteen years and I am proud to say he was the man that raised me and fathered me. He would always remind us that he is not our dad. He would say, “I am your father, anyone can be a dad but a father is someone who raises you and loves and supports you”. He did all those things and more. It was not an easy path at all. If you know me then you know that there were some bad times. If it were not for the love that my mom and stepfather had for each other, they would have split within 6months. Come on do not forget nine kids.

Before my father passed he would talk (or should I say lecture) to me about the importance of my family and our mother. You only have one he said and once she is gone, she is gone. You have to treat her good every day. You would never want to think to yourself “what if” after she is gone. He would talk to me about how we are the next generation of Aunties and Uncles. We need to be there for all the new generation growing up. I always think of these lectures when I think of my father.

Since his passing, I have visited countless times. My mom had (to me still has) a husband that truly loves her. They were inseparable. They had so many different hobbies that they were able to experience together. Old school cars, peddle bikes, NASCAR, Motorcycles, landscaping, computers, Guitars, Ukuleles, photography the list could really go on and on.

Family needs to be number one. My mom is number one. The past two years I have visited home to create new memories with my mom. I am her daughter and her friend. I visit and spend time with all my brothers and sisters. We watch their kids play and grow. These are things our father in stowed in us. I miss my father tremendously. He was such a great man. He loved my mother and showed her respect. He loved his kids and opened his heart. We have to remember our mother and fathers. Most of us only have one. Treat them with love and respect.

Friday, February 13, 2009

People and Airport

I am unsure why I am enjoying waiting for my 9:15 flight to Portland Oregon so much. My co worker 408 Down dropped me off around 4:45PM and I have enjoyed every minute of every second of it. I think this has become my new hobby. Airport + Vegas + people to me is better than watching the Grammy awards or a movie. People should just pay the parking fee and sit down and be entertained.

As I sit sipping my $10.00 airport Starbucks coffee (like purchasing a small bag of popcorn and a cup of ice at a movie theater) I start to notice a certain color of people. I'm not talking black or white people. I am noticing the color orange. This color of orange comes in so many differnt colors and sizes and sad to say but gender.

There is always that one girl or guy out of the bunch that seems to have that glowing orange tan thing going on. Teeth so white and skin so orange if the airport would have a blackout they would use these girls or guys to help guide airplanes in to land. The groups of girls seem so excited to be inVegas. Some already have their "I'm in Vegas outfit". I am unsure why these bright orange people tend to think it is so cool to wear the same outfit that you find in a strip club. Don't tourist know they get paid to wear those outfits? Poor little orange wannabe strippers.

As I sit her at the airport I remember the good times when we use to just look for the mullets. Now we are able to choose differnt categorizes. Life it so great and entertaining who needs cable now a days. Save some money and turn off your cable. Entertain yourself by joining me at the airport... it's worth the $10 Starbucks coffee!

Friday 13th

This is a day where you do not want to walk under a ladder or have a cat cross your path. WTF! What is the big deal with Friday the 13th? I decided to do some digging regarding the number 13 and the day Friday. Everything has history right?

Before 13 is number 12 and what does the number 12 symbolize? Well the first thing that comes to mind is there are 12 hours on a clock, 12 differnt signs in a zodiac, 12 months in a calender year, 12 Gods. I think they were called the 12 Olympians. The number 12 also represents the twelve apostles of Jesus. The list could go on. I mean how is the number 13 going to stand up against the 12 apostles of Jesus.

With Jesus on my mind and the number 13 the first thing that comes to my mind is the last supper. This was where Jesus and his Apostles ate bread and drank from a cup. Again I am unsure of how accurate this information is. In my mythology class I remember talking about how the number 13 had an evil shadowing. One of the books I read called Holiday Folklore, Phobias and Fun by Donald E Dossey mentioned that the 13Th guest at the last super was uninvited. God of Joy and gladness was shoot by a mistletoe tipped arrow. Now that is some crazy stuff. I am not saying all this stuff is true I mean hello the class was called Mythology.

It seems that the number 13 has just had a bad wrap. I am flying today on the 13Th to visit my mom in Portland so hopefully this myth of the date Friday the 13Th is false. If it is true... then dang I'm screwed!